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Neymar is better than Kaka.

2016-10-11 10:47:05 | news
Recently, the Brazil legend Tostao told the Spanish media said in an interview with a national newspaper ,fifa 17 coins Neymar is the history of Brazil's top second players, more than the "alien" Ronaldo and Romario, after Bailey.
Although Neymar did not exceed Romario with Ronaldo in the number of goals for Brazil's national team, but Tostao said that Neymar has actually been in two. He said: "Biro Mario and Ronaldo Neymar have better, more competitive. He has it all. With Ronaldo Vasco is prominent in a certain aspect." "I don't know whether he can become the world's best players, but there is no doubt that he is a phenomenal person, is a wonderful player. All the skills he has an offensive player has. He shot very well, he is very clever, great passing, can create a foul, very fast. He may now not at this point, but he can become the best player in Brazil after Bailey"
"Of course, he still has room to improve, fifa 17 ps4 coins but his data is admirable"
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