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C Ronaldo exceed Keluoze God record

2016-10-08 14:15:02 | news
C Ronaldo is experiencing the most sluggish career started the Spanish, fifa 17 points he only in 4 games and scored 1 goals.
The former Real Madrid coach Capello pointed out that the biggest problem of the recent Real Madrid 4 Lianping is C Ronaldo, he needs to find the best condition.C Ronaldo immediately respond, in the European Cup trophy for the first time after he represented Portugal in the race, after just 190 seconds, he used two goals to kill the suspense! He used 4 goals on European football the national team official game players with the most goals, he also widened the distance between Messi.
C Ronaldo Mei opened two degrees in 190 seconds, buy fifa 17 coins set the World Cup qualifying fastest opening two degrees of the record.
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