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Messi met the strongest 9

2016-09-18 10:40:35 | news
Thanks to the lethal combination of Messi and Suarez, cheap fifa 17 coins Barcelona played a real football show at the bar.
The daily sports newspaper said that Messi and Suarez's friendship and mutual understanding, perfectly reflected on the pitch. fifa 17 Coins The two stars just a gesture, a look will know each other on the pitch and what position, with two assists and goals, is the result of the two stars are Barcelona. In the hot state began their new season, Barcelona the third ball is Messi and Suarez with the score. Messi assists Neymar in the occupation career, he sent assists most of the players are Suarez, Neymar and Pedro are 18 times, but most of the time Suarez and Messi cooperation, in short, it can be said that Messi finally found his "Mr. Right".
Messi talked about the relationship between play off friendship and on the field when he said: "we are really good friends, FUT 17 coins that friendship is very important for us to play this style of football really. Suarez and Neymar play together, is a fantastic thing." it can be said that Suarez is the Messi occupation get along with the best career in 9.
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