Reform Judaism and Modern Orthodox peoples

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Kippah is nothing but a hemispherical or platter shaped cap which is generally made up of cloth. Suede Kippah is mainly used by Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism and Modern Orthodox peoples. Yarmulke is a word which means fear of the king’ or God in Aramaic language.As per the Jewish laws and regulations there are various theories for whether to wear the kipa always or not. But later on covering the head was made compulsory by Christian governments. But according to some authorities it is stated that the use of this kipa was started from the 17th century just to distinguish between the Jewish and non Jewish peoples in the prayer hall. White crocheted kippah is a full head size kippah (sometimes with a knit pom pom on the head) and is mainly used by the Jerusalemites. Yemenite is typical black velvet made kipa with 1 to 2 centimeter strip around the edge of the multicolored geometrical or floral pattern kipa. Another famous name of kipa is yarmulke and Kippot is nothing but the plural form of the word kipa.
If it is looked in the Rambam it states that during the prayer it is mandatory for the people to cover their head by any means and for this the production of kipa was started. Whereas some other authorities like Chida, Sephardic poskim it is told that wearing of kipa is an additional measuring of piety. There are various types of custom kippah used by the people, and they are of following categories. Sometimes a specific religious movement is represented by the color and fabric of the kipa used.During the middle ages of European history, a full hat with a central point and a brim was used by the Jewish people as their headgear and the intention was to distinguish themselves from the other peoples. Satin Kippot is mainly used by the people belonging to Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism.
A scholar’s cap or a Chinese skullcap was used first in United States during 19th century, whereas the other Jews were found to wear black pillbox shaped kipa. As the society developed various types of custom kippah is available in the market now.. Though wearing it outside the prayer hall has become a custom of them. Bukharan is mainly popular among the children. Usually kipa is used by the Jewish people of orthodox authorities as it is mandatory for them to cover their heads all the time. Though men are the main users of this thing, women belonging to conservative communities are also found to frequently using this cap at the time of their prayers.The Crocheted Kippah is used in Religious Zionism, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism and Modern Orthodox peoples. Black velvet kippah is used by Chasidic, Yeshivish, Haredi and Modern Orthodox people. Whereas according to Taz it is stated that wearing of kipa is mandatory as per the strict Halacha. According to Talmud, it is stated that covering the head is necessary because if it is not covered then the fear of heaven may fall on that person
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