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Brinkley'S Floral Mini Dress

2017-03-07 09:47:21 | 日記

She was spotted at New York's Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday for a couple of engagements including an interview on NBC's Today show
And Christie Brinkley was back at the famous place on Thursday.
As always, the 63-year-old supermodel seemed decades younger than her actual age, with her blond hair blowing around her face when she was caught in a gust of wind.

Whip very well: Christie Brinkley beautiful blond hair was caught by the breeze as he walked by Rockefeller Plaza in New York on Thursday
The mother of two sizzled in a black mini dress with a white flower pattern that joined with thigh-high black suede boots, which are also known as "kinky boots."
With the temperature reaching a cold 35F in the city, Christie covered himself with a long black coat over his shoulders.
The beauty seemed to be on a solo trip but the previous day was accompanied by her 31-year-old daughter Alexa from her previous marriage to singer Billy Joel and her 18-year-old daughter Sailor from her late marriage to the architect Peter Halsey Cook .
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They were there for an appearance on NBC's The Today Show to talk about shaming body and their bikini shoot together for the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
I went through all the phases. I went through too skinny, too fat. I do not like to use those words, but I went through everything and then you come to a time when you say that this is my body ... who cares if I do not look at it in a certain way, "Christie said.
And she said "I was excrutiating like a mom" to see her girls go through the same thing.

"Nothing worse," said Christie, "and if I could insist on one thing for the media, it's to fire the children."
The Vacation actress agreed that, since her daughters were now SI models, they were "fair game" for criticism.
Christie put her figure on display in a white, short-sleeved dress for Today's interview before switching to an appearance at Smile Train Headquarters.
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