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Classic White T-Shirt Two Very Chic Way

2016-12-28 10:00:05 | 日記

Have you ever woken up and wondered what to wear? In the mornings like this, when your immediate sartorial instincts fail you, keeping things simple is always the best. And one of the proponents of the elegant lo-fi fashion choices is Olivia Palermo. The 30-year-old entrepreneur made his mark during haute couture collections earlier this month in the statement jacket, but at home in New York City it's been all about essential quiet wardrobe. From the mattress in general to the dressing of the shoulder, Palermo has mastered the art of accessible and elegant summer dressing. And yesterday in Manhattan, Palermo doubled his easy and elegant sensibility, reinventing Drifter's simple white T-shirt not once but twice twice in the same day.
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Its polished city look revolved around a monochromatic color range with a classic te as its anchor. The Tularosa buttonhole skirt was characterized by its balanced sophistication and sensuality with its silhouette below the knee and its front slits, while a Carolina Herrera CH buckle heel was a good alternative to a simple stiletto and worked well with its Linen bag Céline. She repurposed the shirt later that day for an occasional ride in Brooklyn, changing out the skirt for an apron dress. Completing the set were the floors of Jimmy Choo and the most beautiful accessory of them all, his Maltese mascot, Mr. Butler.
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