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2017-04-05 09:11:02 | 日記
Linen Clothes are Expensive But Well Worthy
It’s well known that linen fabrics are of great virtues. For example, it has remarkable effects on maintaining the relatively constant of air humidity;it is in possession of disease-prevention function;it’s not easy for linen clothes to collect dust and static. Nevertheless, there are a certain number of people complaining that high-quality linen dresses are expensive. Well, it’s truth, but i dare to say that it’s well worthy.
On the one hand, linen serves a long long history which can date back to around 5000 thousand years ago in Egypt. At that time, the mummy here and there in Egypt were covered by linen shirts for women. In ancient, linen cloth was even used as a currency for a while. What’s more, linen was widely used in medieval Europe: they were made into clothing, sacks,sheets, sails, fishing nets, ropes, bows, bags, purses, etc. At once, there was a widespread rumor that flax shared magical powers was protected by witchcraft and magic. Linen even could be found in the Bible: Jesus was dressed in linen when he was buried. Passing unto today after years with a glorious history, linen is precious enough. You know, pressure sure does come at an expensive price and the processing of linen from flax plants is very complicated, which leads to the high cost of linen fabrics and that’s why not everyone can afford it.

On the other hand, there must be a positive correlation between the price and the frequency of use and life expectancy for a piece of clothing. That is to say, if you wear the clothes very often and it does serve for a long time, it is surely worth the price. For example, some people may consider that linen tank dress are only for leisure, no need to spend a lot of money on it. Instead, such persons will spend thousands of money on the evening dress which is likely worn only once. As a matter of fact, casual clothes take most of time of everyone’s daily life. Also such clothes could greatly tell your taste in fashion. I am 100 percent in favor of investing on several linen clothes for the season that they are the durable and fashion icon and they are certainly worth it.
Anyway, if you have any interest on linen, please come and see:

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