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How To Choice The Right Linen Clothes For Apple Body

2017-06-20 13:33:38 | 日記

When mentioning about the pear body shape, two people come into my mind at once. One is Kim Kardashian and the other Kristina Bazan. Kristina Bazan is a famous fashion blogger from Sweden. Many girls and women follow her and learn many fashion ideas from her blog. From her blog picture, I can’t believe that she owns a pear body shape!! She looks quite good at her body shape. She tells us that each woman can own a good body shape even they don’t have through the dressing ways. Firstly, we have to make it out what the pear body shape really is.
linen skirt

What is the pear body shape? Kim Kardashian may be a good example. Generally, the pear body shape is also called as the triangle. The typical features of the pear body shape are slender waist and buxom hips. Now we have a look on the main features of pear body shape.
Your waist is defined perfectly and it is slender.
Your hips are larger than your bust. Your lower body is buxom.
Your have proportionately slim arms and shoulders
Your body is featuring in the slender waist.
You have tendency to getting weight on your upper body especially the tummy.

How to dress with a pear body shape with linen clothes?

A-line linen dress
For women who own pear body shape, it would be better for them to wear the A-line linen shift dress. Otherwise, the trousers may put their figure to shade. Regarded as the most flattering dress for all women’s figure, the A-line dress can improve the pear body shape perfectly. Just as we mentioned above, women with pear body shape often have slender upper body while buxom lower part on the bottom. That is exactly what the A-line linen dress did. The fitted bodice will describe the curvy upper one perfectly. Your big bust and slender waist are highlighted. Meanwhile, the flare-out skirt can hide the buxom hips, making you slenderer.
linen dress

Loose-fit linen tops
When choosing the tee, women who have pear-shape body have to say no to the figure-flattering one. The figure-flattering tee may highlight their figure weakness. However, people may choose the figure-flattering in that it can show their perfect waist even it may put their upper body to shade. How to balance this situation? Stylish Loose-Fitting Women Linen Asymmetric linen shirt women must be a must-item for pear-shape women. The loose tee will camouflage women’s upper figure imperfections. Two belts are set in the hemline and they can be tied in bowknot. Not only will they create the holiday look, but also they will highlight your waist beauty. The linen fabric will keep you cool and fresh all summer long.
linen trousers

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