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Have You Thought Of Matching Your Shoes To Your Clothes Recently?

2017-04-21 10:49:03 | 日記

We have all been through the media discussions about Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit which seemed to remind many of Jackie Kennedy’s sense of style. But one thing that the 48 year old first lady has been able to bring back is the trend of matching shoes with dresses. While runways have never completely given up on this ever, street style is where girls get to find real style trends. So if you have been hoping to match your sexy cocktail dresses to your shoes then you arr on the right track.
A few things that you may want to keep in mind when it comes to matching shoes with the dresses for womenare:

  • Don’t make it too obvious with the same colour in the shoes as your clothes. Play the subtlety card by going a shade darker or a shade lighter on the shoes. It looks more beautiful this way.
  • Look for complementing fabrics. Choose a fabric for your shoe that will complement the dress. Avoid going for similar fabrics for the shoes and dresses – it may make your style look dated.
  • Matching your sexy cocktail dresses is not the only way of staying in style. Match your shoes with your casual outfits too.

Matching your shoes is not always too difficult, especially when you do not need the same shades as your dresses. If you like to make a statement, then try matching your clothes and shoes and using some glitzy accessories to glow at any event. By matching your dresses and shoes, you get the added benefit of creating a visual effect which adds to the length of your legs making you look taller.
Shop for dresses for women on the online fashion store - Fashionmia. You can pick your shoes according to the dresses you choose or you can shop for dresses by keeping in mind the shoes that you already have.
Fashion is all about breathing in new styles and trends to your wardrobe so that you can avoid stagnation and continue to look confident and beautiful in the clothes and accessories you wear. By keeping up with the trends you avoid looking mundane by wearing the same style again and again.
There is often the element of discomfort that steps in with a change in style, but once you begin to experience the freshness in new trends, you may not want to stick to one style forever. For this season, we find matching your shoes and dresses to be a great trend.

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