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Modern Tops Are The Perfect Outfit For Summer Wear

2017-08-09 14:51:10 | 日記

It’s Saturday night and you are searching your favorite top from your wardrobe. Nothing gives you a beautiful look like fashion tops do. Shopping for latest and modern tops might be getting difficult for every woman these days. Sometimes you might get confused because you have no idea from where you have to shop. But don’t worry you can choose different styles, color, sizes, brands and cuts that will make you feel overwhelmed. You can choose your tops much easier if you have an initiative that what suits you. You can emphasize your body with style by following some tips: 


Be familiar with your measurements - Whether you are purchasing tops online or getting it tailored, it’s important to keep the exact measurements in your mind. Use the measuring tape and note down the measurements of your upper arm sleeves, waistline, shoulder, hips, chest and bust. Measurements are important because it will help you in getting the right tops.

Choose different patterns - Tops with vertical lines usually make you dress up more descent. At the same time, wearing horizontal strips will also help you in getting attention. Wearing a patterned top will be the right choice if you want your bust to be emphasized. Dark colored pattern top will look good and suitable for many events.

Wear right fitting top - The right fitting is very important while choosing good tops. Choose the tops that fit your body and make you feel comfortable. So, try to wear spotted type of tops. If you think that you are not getting the right fitting, don’t worry, get it stitched from the back but always try to wear right fitting tops in casual parties.

Pick bright colors - Pair yourself by wearing bright and bold colored tops. The bright colors will help you in hiding your slender look. Although colors like black, red, purple and dark blue are very generic, these colors will help you in giving a striking outlook. You can also wear these dark colored tops with a pair of denim jacket at the board meeting. If you want an exclusive look pair your top with matching coat.


You can be complimented by wearing latest and good quality tops in parties. You can shop for affordable and branded tops at fashionmia. It is one of the best online clothing stores that also supplies bodycon dresses.

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