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How to choose a dress if you’re overweight

2017-01-04 15:02:13 | 日記

A dress brings out the woman in you, making you looks attractive and desirable. Whether you are wearing cheap dresses or a Prada dress, you need to have the skills to pull it off. Overweight ladies tend to avoid wearing dresses just because their legs are chubby or because they are worried a dress may draw all the attention on them. What if it does? What’s the harm in being the center of attention for a change? If you know which dress will make you look more beautiful, then you must definitely start wearing them more often.
Here are some tips that will help in choosing a dress-
Experiment with colors
Your wardrobe is probably filled with black color garments. Generally, overweight girls avoid light shades but if you try pastel colors just once, you will fall in love. They are light and breezy and they will make you feel as if you are on an adventure.
Emphasize your assets
There is no perfect body, everyone has their own flaws and strengths. All you need to know is the difference between. If you have great legs, choose a dress that ends above the knee to flaunt them. If want to emphasize on your collarbone or bust-line, choose a dress with a V-neck or scoop neckline. Try to draw the attention to your best body part. If you are looking for cheap plus size clothing, you may want to take a look at Fashionmia. It is a great store with a collection you will absolutely love.
Tread carefully while choosing the fabric and the style
The best-suited styles for plus size women are A-line, pintuck, wrap or faux wrap, maxi dress, con dresses and shark bite hem dresses. Choose the best among them all but also make sure that the fabric will look good on you. Flowing fabrics will work really well but you must stay away from stiff fabrics.
Add accessories
Accessories are another factor that will even make cheap dresses look super-classy. You can use accessories to draw away the attention from your less flattering areas. For example, if you have great legs; go for a short dress and pair it up with statement shoes. Wear a beautiful necklace to keep eyes on your face. But if you have a thick or short neck, do not wear one. If you have got chubby arms, go for bracelets or a shawl.

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