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Women Fashion Tips for Summers

2017-04-25 18:10:24 | 日記

With the temperatures raising steeply you also need to change your wardrobe and style. The scarves and jackets need to take a back seat in your cupboard and the summery fashion needs to take its place. From breezy maxi dresses to classy sun glasses everything can be styled this summer. Here is what you need to have to looking amazing even in this hot weather.
If you are a brand freak pick one from the MDG Collection which Madonna has designed for Dolce & Gabbana. You can never go wrong with Ray Ban’s or Prada. There are so many brands who keep wonderful collections. Street shoppers could lay hands on some classy stuff at very cheap prices.
Loose Fitted Pants
Loose fitted pants work well for summers. You could team it up with a tank or a sleeveless cotton top and top it off with a par of heels. Whether it is a slouchy or harem pants have a couple in the wardrobe as they are easy to wear and you have many options to style them.
Woven Handbags
No! they are not just for the beach they look pretty cool when you carry them for almost all occasions. There are some that come with a combination of leather and woven straw which you could even carry to office.
They never go out of fashion and are must haves in the summer. Baby pink, light yellow, sky blue, minty green are all the colours that you should be looking for. Accessorize them with metallic finish jewellery or sandals - a perfect look for a casual outing, a friend’s birthday and even a date.
Stripes are going to be completely in this summer. A light cotton t-shirt with stripes, a pair of jeans along with sneakers would make you look cool. There are no boundaries to the type of colour you select just mix and match it accordingly to get a new style for yourself.
White Blazer
A cotton white blazer for a more formal and structured look is absolutely a stunner in the summers. Wear them to office and official parties top off with a pair of strappy high heels.
From fashion women’s tops to hot pants Fashionmia has a variety of collection which you can buy from. There are some beautiful maxi dresses on sale which you could buy for the summers.

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