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Find whether the dry cleaner

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Find whether the dry cleaners have seasonal storage.Check whether the service provider is a drop store or does it have the cleaning unit on premise. If it is a drop store then there is no way one can be sure where the garment is being sent for cleaning. 6. 8. Also find out the corrective measures that the dry cleaners take when a fabric is not cleaned properly. Find out what is their damages policy, because accidents can happen and in such cases we should know how we are going to be compensated. 5. See their work and then decide whether to continue with them or not.Make it a point to go through their returns policy.

.Before you finalize the dry cleaner to opt for, give a test garment, preferably cotton. Remember most often the chemicals do not harm the fabric, but it’s the way the dry cleaning is done that harms the fabric. 10. This is because anyone who buys the franchise can start shop.Find out what are the different types of clothing, material that the dry cleaner would accept. 7.Do not opt for dry cleaner chains. This is because you should not be made to run for another laundry service provider if you need your suits to be cleaned! The cleaner should be able to cater to all types of garment cleaning. Hence it is better to choose another provider until unless you are in an emergency. Following these tips would ensure that you need not worry about your clothes coming back to you as new!. 1.When in a new place, it is difficult to choose the right dry cleaners for your laundry services. If they are not then it means that they can be a fly by night operation. Ideally your chosen dry cleaners should be able to accept all kinds of clothing needs.As in any human interaction, it is important to build your relationship when you find the best dry cleaning services provider. So think twice before opting for the environment friendly laundry services provider.The best and the simplest way to identify the best dry cleaning services provider is to check with your friends, colleagues and neighbours.You might be a pro-green thinker, but while opting for dry cleaning services remember that the environment friendly chemicals do not deliver the goods on man-made fabrics. Go for the dry cleaner who has been in business for a long time  say five to seven years minimum 9.Check in the local websites to find the customer reviews so that you can have the customer feedback first hand.

It is important that the dry cleaner is legally registered service provider. In this article we try to provide you with the key points to look for while choosing the dry cleaners. Else get a garment which says dry cleaning only but which you are not attached to. These are not good for the fabric; in fact they make it harder for the dirt to go. 11.Check if the dry cleaners use any spot cleaning solutions. 3.Ensure that the dry cleaner is located near to your place of residence. This is an indicator that they have loyal customers which in turn means they are good at their job. Hence verify their credentials. This throws light on their customer service. Because it should be easy for you to drop your garments and pick the dry cleaned clothes. 4. These are the top 12 tips that one should follow when on the lookout for a good dry cleaning services provider in a new locality

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