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Top 5 Cloud Based Video Conferencing Services -EzTalks

2017-04-06 09:59:01 | 日記
Top 5 Cloud Based Video Conferencing Services -EzTalks

Valued at 3.31 billion dollars, the video conferencing industry is lucrative yet competitive. It depends on technology and by the look of things technology will only get better in the coming years. This is why it is projected that by 2020, the industry will be worth 6.4 billion dollars, almost double the current valuation.

cloud video conferencing services

Be that as it may, there are genuine concerns about the availability and cost of equipments used in video conferencing services. In order to remain competitive and offer customers satisfactory services, most service providers in the industry have shifted to cloud-based technology. In this article, we’d examine and compare the top 5 cloud-based providers in the video conferencing industry.

★ EZTalks

This is a comprehensive video conferencing solution that not only allows users to build their own video conferencing platforms but also comes with a software solution, stable MCU and peripherals such as webcam and microphone. The facilities support remote communication and through customization, they can fit specific business needs such as enterprise video conferencing, online webinar, education, interview, sales or training, remote customer service and medical treatment among others.


Its powerful features include HD video abilities, presence of a whiteboard, seamless audio, meeting recording, file sharing, screen sharing and other options. It is also flexible and scalable to meet certain demands of users. For instance, it can be built on a private server and network to enhance security. Moreover, it is so mobile friendly that is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. The manufacturer also offers dedicated account management and support services.

★ Skype

Skype is undoubtedly one of the oldest video conference service providers. Due to its easy integration on websites and the simple facts that it accepts non-Skype calls, it’s widely accepted around the world. Its major features can be categorized to calling, video messaging, screen sharing, call forwarding features and more.


★ Adobe Connect

This cloud-based video conferencing service operates in platforms that have either Flash iOS or Android capabilities. It works by categorizing users as hosts, presenters or participants. A host controls the meeting and selects a presenter from the list of participants. A presenter is basically a person who is talking or showing slides at any given time. In sum, it comes with peripherals such as webcams and microphones for chatting, taking polls, uploading and sharing files.

adobe connect

The biggest strength of Adobe Connect is that it performs consistently across platforms (such as Macs or Windows PCs). However, the service is prone to the limitations of all flash-based applications—can’t integrate on selected browsers (i.e. Chrome).

★ Citrix GoToMeeting

This service is designed for professionals. In fact, its lowest ranked package supports a minimum of 25 participants. It has multiple programs that organize each of their components (such as the control panels and videos of participants) on its own window. This means the package comes with many floating windows—one detached window for webcam and video, one for the control panel and another for icons that serve common functions like whiteboard.


GoToMeeting also has some impressive features. For example, it is flexible enough to support Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. This ability gives room for dial-in support for only voice chats and thus people with cell phones only can also be integrated. It also has screen sharing abilities and HD Faces. But the limitation to meeting recording abilities is its major con.

★ Zoom

Zoom’s popularity is enhanced by its Free Plan that supports up to 25 participants for limited sessions of 40 minutes. It also offers paid plans that vary in specifications. In general, it is featured in voice detection, HD video, HD audio, dual stream for dual screens, full screen as well as gallery views.


Speaking of the most outstanding features are its ability to integrate with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, group messaging services, dedicated iPhone and iPad screen share, meeting recording and whiteboard.

That’s all for it! Can’t decide which one to choose? Just sign up for EZTalks in the window below and start your supreme video conferencing experience.

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