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ezTalks - Most Popular and Free Online Interactive Whiteboards

2017-04-18 16:10:49 | 日記
ezTalks - Most Popular and Free Online Interactive Whiteboards

Nowadays, the emerging interest for internet technologies also plays an important role among students, who are reportedly more interested in learning school materials through engaging platforms and software.
We all know how interactive whiteboards shifted the teaching process into a revolutionary and new phase which proves to maximize the student's performance, attention as well as interest on the subject in general.
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Well, the interactive whiteboards method has again shifted and revolutionized which we all expected living in such advanced world of technology—bringing us an online interactive whiteboard solution which words simply—allowing multiple students with computers in a classroom to see and even edit the interactive screen shared by their teacher. The revolutionized platform has also created a competition—with many software brands offering “the best online interactive whiteboard”.
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When doing a comparison, we can only say that the regular updates really hold up the big competition in this marketplace. There are tools like ezTalk which allow saving, printing or emailing the whiteboard and are really effective - as they provide extensive customization and branding options. In addition to that, ezTalks also has great features as the availability to save the whiteboard in PNG and JPG formats as well as embed features which are great to consider when posting the whiteboard onsite.
Note: ezTalks is not limited to interactive whiteboard function, it is also comprehensive video conferencing software that allows you to freely host online meeting.
On the other end, we have another competitors list which is slightly worse than the platform we mentioned, simply because it lacks import options or it doesn't support any interaction between the students or the teacher as well - through chat or voice communication. The platforms on this end include Writeboard (a text editing based online whiteboard), ImaginationCubed and Skrbl, a platform which has both free and paid editions but a variety of problems in its free version including lack of features and proper guidance in using the ones available.
In the end, we can say that the online interactive whiteboard concept is definitely a place where big competition is yet to enter since it is interactive and used in schools. This concept works amazingly great and will always be received positively by both schools/teachers and students.
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