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Apple Adds PayPal Payment Option on App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, and iBooks

2017-07-13 09:46:19 | Samsung Galaxy S8

Apart from paying with your credit and debit card, Appleusers can now use Paypal as a payment option to pay for purchases on the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, andiBooks through iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices iphone glass replacement . This new PayPal payment option is going live for Canada and Mexico users first, but it should roll out in the US as well soon.

Apple Adds PayPal Payment Option on App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, and iBooks

For Canada and Mexico users, the new PayPal payment option is now showing up in the accounts settings options. Simply sign in using your existing Apple ID, select the new PayPal option in Accounts Settings, sign into PayPal, finish the authorisation formalities on your device, and make it the default payment option if required.

Once PayPal has been selected, all future purchases with the customer's Apple ID will be automatically charged to their PayPal account. This includes purchases of apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books, as well as Apple Music subscriptions, and even iCloud storage.

“This provides a secure and versatile payment method to meet the growing demand for digital entertainment. PayPal’s availability across Apple’s services further expands our vision of providing customers a variety of ways to easily make mobile purchases, such as asking Siri to make a payment using the PayPal app,” PayPal’s COO Bill Ready said in a statement.

PayPal also brings its OneTouch feature that allows for payment authentication for purchases through PayPal with fingerprint scanning, not requiring users to enter their Apple ID password every time. Apart from mobile devices, this OneTouch fingerprint feature works on Apple TV and Apple Watch as well. While this could lead to a lot of impulse buying by users, the option is being made available for those who want iPhone parts .

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