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ASI looking for your ‘trash’

2016-12-28 14:58:07 | wedding

In early December, the Montgomery County Community Foundation awarded $20,000 to Abilities Services Inc. to implement the Creative Abundance program at its Crawfordsville location. Creative Abundance will train all administrators, staff and consumers to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and self-expression. The program includes art instruction and up cycling materials to create art which is then sold, with proceeds going to the artist, ASI and to the continuation of the arts program.

The Creative Abundance program, which was previously hosted at ASI’s Frankfort location, has a significant impact upon ASI’s consumers and staff. At the Frankfort location, ASI’s consumers have had the opportunity to share their artwork with the public through an open house event and an art auction fundraiser. Through Creative Abundance, ASI’s consumers have learned to channel their energies and emotions into artwork. As a result, the agency has recorded a significant decrease in behavioral issues, and the quality of life of the Frankfort consumers has improved. ASI is excited to bring this innovative and inspiring program to Crawfordsville and looks forward to sharing consumer creations with the community.

To celebrate our consumers and the success of the Creative Abundance program, ASI will have an open house (more details to come!). The event, which will be open to the public, will be an art show and culminating capstone event that will celebrate our consumers and their artwork as the Creative Abundance program draws to a close.

To prepare for the Creative Abundance program, which will take place in January, ASI is seeking donations of items of little to no value that are often discarded after the holidays. As you’re cleaning up from your holiday celebrations this year, consider donating any of the following to support the innovative arts program:

• Fabrics: Prom prom dresses london, sparkly clothing and 100 percent wool sweaters can all be repurposed for costumes and other crafts. Yards of cotton, upholstery fabric, velvet, bed sheets, spare curtains and bedspreads can be especially useful, as they often serve as the canvas for larger than life art pieces created by participants. And, of course, with all of the painting going on, smocks and lab coats are always welcome.

• Thread: Thread, yarn and embroidery thread can be used in sewing projects or as accents for paintings.

• Embroidery hoops and needles: Embroidery hoops 10-inch or smaller and blunt end, plastic and sharp needles will be used for sewing projects

• Plastic containers: Large and small yogurt containers, margarine tubs, hummus tubs, other plastic containers and old cupcake tins serve as paint containers

• Paper mache materials: Brown grocery bags, heavy paper (ex. craft paper, card stock, rolls, or sheets), colored paper, wrapping paper, tissue construction paper

• Odds and ends: Buttons, beads, costume jewelry, foam balls, lace, ribbon, rope, CDs, wooden objects of any kind, wooden chairs, tables, old desks, lampshades.

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