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Shining in shoes

2017-05-17 17:47:05 | wedding
Vaani Kapoor

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A wedding is a grand event that gives the bride full liberty to dress up like a regal princess. However, when it comes to buying shoes for the wedding, one must not only consider glamour, but also comfort. Not all brides can manage six-inch heels in a heavy lehenga. Even friends and cousins at the wedding cannot bear high heels all day long. To avoid the risk of tripping, one can try flats like embellished sneakers, embroidered brogues, juttis, or ballerinas.

“Every sari or lehenga has something in gold or silver, so one can match a pair of designer sneakers with them. Many brides are going minimal or neutral with clothes and adding bling with their accessories. So, wear a beautiful pastel coloured lehenga or sari which isn’t loud and add colour with bright shoes and matching lipstick,” says designer Dyuti Bansal.

Actress Lavanya Tripathi, who recently wore a sari and teamed it up with sneakers, says that wearing heals all day long is also bad for one’s back. “Standing in heals for long hours can be a nightmare! Embellished sneakers and ballerinas can help. Usha Uthup, who wears some of the most traditional and beautiful saris, designs her own shoes,” she says.

However, what kind of shoes should one wear? Fashion blogger Meenakshi Pamnani says, “Metallic sneakers or ballerinas are in fashion and they go perfectly well with lehengas. Avoid wearing something very plain or white as it wouldn’t match the look. Brogues are a good choice and there are many gorgeous ones with tassels available and the tan colour would definitely go with any outfit.”

The kind of a sari one wears also plays an important role. If you are wearing a traditional piece, don’t go for sneakers. Sneakers and brogues look good only on saris such as an embroidered Khadi or Ikkat. Don’t opt for faraway contrast colours. It’ll make the entire look gaudy,” says Ashwin Mawle, celebrity stylist.

Adding to the list of dos and don’ts, Meenakshi says, “Ensure that your designer knows that you are not wearing heels so they won’t increase the length of the outfit. Also, if the shoes are brand new, walk around in them for a day or two to avoid shoe bites and put on a band-aid behind your ankle to avoid blisters.”Read more at:long prom dresses

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