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Lilliana Vasquez, Shares Her Top Holiday Style and Beauty Tips

2016-12-13 15:14:08 | wedding

If you’ve had enough of the “ugly sweater” themed holiday party and are looking for something a bit more sophisticated to wear this season, Today contributor and founder of, Lilliana Vasquez, has some pro advice.

“I am a fan of sparkle like nobody’s business,” she tells PEOPLE at the sexy evening dresses for Success, ‘Women Helping Women’ breakfast in New York City on Wednesday – but for the holiday season she says to “skip the sequins and go for a beautiful embroidery,” adding, “there are so many ways to incorporate sparkle and shine in a really sophisticated way that doesn’t feel like a disco ball.”

“There are going to be 30 girls wearing a sparkly dress,” she says. “So, stand out! Do a pleated metallic skirt, do a brocade blazer.”

At a busy time, she says, it’s best to keep it simple: “My whole thing when it comes to fashion is accessibility and affordability,” she says, sharing, “I just went into Forever 21 two days ago and got the most beautiful gold, pleated, foil skirt for $18.99!”

Another way to simplify things is to streamline your beauty routine: “My best advice is to focus on one thing and use it to make a bold statement,” she says. “For me, it always comes back to beauty, so a matte red lip or a bold beautiful lash like our Battington Lashes in Monroe help add a lot of drama with little effort.”

Vasquez wears her Battington Lashes, for which she’s a partner, both on and off-air. The cruelty-free, 3D silk lashes pass her affordability test at around $25 per pair, and the best part of her lashes she says: “they’re reusable up to 25 times!”

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