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Yahoo account security identified possible risk in your account

2016-10-13 14:18:13 | Email Support
“Yahoo Account Security has identified a possible risk to your account’. Have you ever seen such a message while signing in to your Yahoo account? Well, if you are a Yahoo account user, you may have certainly come across this message some or the other times. If you see this message for the first time, you may find it quite confusing. Moreover, you may find it frustrating when it asks you to prove your identity. The regular and the permanent yahoo users know what this message means and what they should do. In fact, it is a message from the automated Yahoo Security system. It means that the Yahoo Security has noticed or sensed some unusual activities on taking place on your yahoo account, and now you need to secure your account. If needed, you may contact the Yahoo mail account technical support.
The cases of online account hacking are not new, and you should not take this warning message lightly. You need to immediately change the password. It is not at all a difficult task to change the password. The Yahoo help page can help you to recover your account in a few simple steps. Apart from changing the password, you should also implement the two step verification system. It will further strengthen the security of your yahoo account. If you feel the need of the contact number for Yahoo support; you should surely access it and get the support.
The next step you need to take is to make changes in the setting. If your yahoo account was hacked; the hacker may have made some changes in the settings. If you notice some changes in the auto forwarding setting, you should make necessary changes, and if you don’t use this feature, you should turn off auto forwarding. See if your signature has been changed, and if yes; you need to make necessary changes. Also, you should check and correct the ‘Sending name’ and ‘Reply-to address’ if something has been altered.
If you find some messages missing from the Inbox, it is possible that the hacker has created some filters and the incoming mails may be directly going to the trash. Also, there is a possibility of blocking the email addresses and domains. Checking and correcting the filters, blocked email addresses & domains, and auto response settings are necessary in case you notice any changes. Restoring the email, contacts, mail settings etc would help you to recover your account. Not to worry if you are facing difficulties as the Yahoo technical support number is always there for your support, and you should make use of it without any hesitation.
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