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The Usage of Handheld Metal Detector

2016-10-13 14:13:55 | 日記

Handheld Metal detector is a high-performance metal detector designed for security. Compared with the traditional detector, its working surface is a specially designed detection area, and detecting area is large with quick scanning speed and high sensitivity. Shell of handheld metal detector adopts ABS engineering plastics moulds with distinct peculiarity of strong combat, sophisticated technology and light weight that is easy to carry. Handheld metal detector can detect all kinds of metal objects that were hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. Handheld metal detector is suitable for being used at the airport, customs, port, Banks, hospitals, prisons, stadium, schools and other places. Handheld metal detector use large scale integrated circuit, the product can completely fit 9v rechargeable batteries (optional), low voltage indicator, LED lights chirp alarm and vibration alarm. Handheld metal detector is an ideal product to check illegal rare items.

Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect people or objects that carry metal. It can detect people who carry parcels or luggage, letters, fabric and so on that may carry weapons, explosives or small metal objects. The sensitive surface of special appearance makes the operation quite easy and is better than that of circular sensor type hand probing. The characteristic of handheld metal detector is its high sensitivity and special applications such as prison, chip factory, archaeological research hospital and so on. Handheld metal detector is used to check the location of the person carrying metal, also can be used with metal detector door, when the "security" alarm found metal objects, using a portable baggage scanner can be found in possession of the accurate position of the metal items.

Handheld metal detector machine is easy to use. No adjustment, controller to detect metal objects will have fast response. Sound and LED light alarm at the same time. The detection detects a large metal through a low frequency tone of voice. On the contrary, the high audio tones issued by the detection of minor metals are useful for detecting a large metal object.

Scope of application:

Handheld metal detector is used to find the accurate location mixed in the products or raw materials of various kinds of metal and can also be used to check people who carry different kinds of metal.
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