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2017-04-24 20:04:26 | 日記
Some of our favorite E juices that we have reveiewed are the following.

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk

Cuttwoods unicorn Milk is the one of the first great strawberry milk flavors that came onto the vape market. Unicorn Milk is still a household name for most vapers. Unicorn Milk has a natural strawberry flavor mixed with four differnt creams. Vapers love the juice for the complexity of the creams while still having a subtle strawberry flavor. People call it an all day vape but for some it can be a little too creamy. They make it in a variety of sizes from 15ml to 120ml.
Check it out, its definitely one you should try.
Here is a video review of the product

Jimmy the Juice Man - Shurb

Jimmy the Juice man is a e liquid maker from Chicago who started making juice because he loved premium e liquid and he thought that he could do better and make his own. Shurb is the most popular flavor of Jimmy the Juice man because it tastes just like rainbow sherbert. It has a blend of raspberry, lime, and orange that is very sweet to mimic the ice creams flavor. Jimmy sells it in 30ml and 120ml Bottles, so check it out.
Heres a youtube review of the product.

Suicide Bunny - Mothers Milk

Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny is also a staple of the vape industry with a strawberry/dragonfruit mix, that has Cream blended into it. It has a great custard dessert taste that is a favorite for strawberry and custard lovers alike. Suicide bunny comes out of texas from a woman named Pip, her and her husband stopped smoking a started vaping. They only use American made flavors in their e juice so it is of the highest quality. You can buy mother milk in 30ml and 120ml bottles. It has a VG/PG Ratio of 70/30

You can check out an individual youtube review of the product below.

For more vape reviews I suggest you check out the e liquid blog at http://ameblo.jp/eliquidwholesale
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