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When you progress gradually, there will be more people want to use you.

2017-03-27 15:33:38 | 日記

Ozil: German is not good; some friends just to use me

In a recent interview, the German international Ozil talked about some of the negative effects behind his fifa 17 ps4 coins reputation, Ozil said in his life there are many "fake friends", they just want to use their own.

Ozil: "Learning German is not easy for me, even today, when I speak German, I have to be very focused." But Ozil has a strong sense of identity in Germany: "Germany from At the beginning is my hometown.When I am on vacation, I will think of homes, will miss Germany, miss Gelsenkirchen. I often go back and see.

"I am grateful that I can experience both cultures," says Ozil, "for all immigrant fifa 17 xbox one coins children, this is a lifetime of life, a bit like living in two worlds."
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