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OWON XDS3102AV Review(Firmware Version

2017-07-17 18:08:45 | 測定器取り扱い情報

OWON XDS3102AV Review(Firmware Version

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I lost the review in English on this weblog,so I will re-write again.(I am sorry,but a little by littele,I retrieve)Thanks to Mr.Colin,sales manager of OWON always!!Now I have succesfully updated to the newest firmware(Version which included Japanese GUI!!


OWON XDS3000 Series n-in-1 DSO



You can download the Quick Guide and User's Manual.




I have XDS3102AV with full options as demo,so I'd like to explain the performance.

XDS3102AV is a multifunctional oscilloscope,100MHz 2CH model.I was using it confortably with full options(13200mA Battery/VGA/Touch Panel/WiFi/DMM(Digital Multi Meter)/2 Channels' 25MHz Arbitrart/Function Generator/Serial Decode I2C,SPI,RS232(UART)/Serial Decode CAN)


(Refresh Rate/declared as max 75000wfm/s)

Same as other digital oscilloscopes,like same range Siglent SDS1000X seriies and new XDS1202X-E,the display refresh rate is relatively fast.(The actual refresh rate of XDS3102AV at 50ns/div,draw type dots was around 45000wfm/s as I've confirmed.Even time base 2ns/div.maintains around 23000wfm/s.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ-Au-OxgiQ show #4 -Refresh Rate

OWON XDS3102AV Sweep sine wave 0kHz-100MHz -14dBm(50ohm load)/ Persist OFF/Sweep time 30ms -10s


OWON XDS3102AV Sweep sine wave 0kHz-100MHz -14dBm(50ohm load)Persist 1second /sweep time 30ms -10s



PC-Based software/Now the newest version is ver.1.2.0.you can connect to PC both LAN and USB


One of the example how to measure

For instance,when you maintain the receiver and transceiver,you can use XDS3102AV effectively.

(1)CH1 for TP(Test Point) of the PCB/50ohm coaxial lead with 50ohm load

(2)CH2 for the ordinary measurement with 10:1 passive probe(you can modify the cable length of the earth line,if you desire)

(3)If you buy the option(DMM/Digital Multi-Meter),and prepare for the several terminals,you can measure with various way.


I2C decoding

Address Trigger(address 7bits only/address hex 6E found/Read)set the address as decimal 

SPI decoding

Settings>>>CH1 SCK/CH2 SDA/Data Bits 8bits/LSB First/ClockEdge fall/Data H

Altough it is 2CH model,but LSB First or MSB First both are available.

RS232 Decoding(RS232C/422/485)/UART Decoding this time

Condition START

Condition DATA (hex C2 found/should be set as decimal 194)

CAN decoding


Pop-up key pad menu

It is convenient to set the phase like below.and more..if you can set the frequency of Arbitrary/Function Generator(2CH 25MHz) as the option up to 1Hz!! It is innevitable function for especailly HAM Radio Operators and RF professionals to set the generator's frequency at just 10.000000MHz.(Some osc only can do set the frequency up to 10.0MHz only 3 digits,even SG of Keysight 1000X series)XDS3102AV's 2CH generators have relatively good off-sets value,if you set as 10MHz,the actual frequency is like 9.999998MHz.As you know,if you have experienced to make DDS signal generator with the internal clock,you have to calibrate the frequency by the software,and make the frequency output as precise as possible.Other osc's set up frequency is rather not precise,compared to XDS3102AV.So if you hope to set the frequency just at 10.000000MHz,what do you do? Yes,actually you can!! If you set the frequency at 10.000002MHz,you can set the frequency just at 10.000000MHz!! this kind of key pad is innevitable,if you handle SDR's center frequency,and you test something with the signal generator.Now Siglent also uses the same kind of the technique.Owon is the first company to exploit the virtual key pad,as long as I know.At least you have to buy the digital oscilloscopes,which has such a key pad.

set 10MHz/400mVp-p of CH1

measured above with 50ohm load(almost 200mVp-p)

Then measure the actual frequency by the frequency counter which is controlled by GPS receiver,and make a correct value,and make it output just 10.000000MHz!!

Even at the newest firmware,the actual frequency 9.999998MHz,still quite nice,so change the frequency set to 10.000002MHz

You can correct,and do set up just to 10.000000MHz!!

(Plz remember,the impedance of CH1 and CH2 outputs is 50ohm.just like the ordinary SSG.


The alternate trigger mode

XDS3102AV has the alternate trigger mode.Other oscilloscopes,the display refresh rate is more than 30000wfm/s,don't have the alternate trigger mode.I don't know the reason why,but Trigger as "ALT" is usually needed.

10.000000MHz sine wave/CH1 and CH2/400mVp-p open(200mVp-p with 50ohm load)

You can measure the frequency of both 1CH and 2CH at the same time.If you hope to compare the different digital oscilloscope's display refresh rate,it is so convenient.(If you measure the phase,should be back to normal trigger)

(Continued)I will revise soon again.

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