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OWON New Model 100MHz XDS3102AV/Review(English)

2017-02-17 14:26:53 | オシロスコープ

OWON New Model 100MHz XDS3102AV Review

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Now Japanese GUI available

The intensity and coloring function is available with 8bit version(XDS3102V)


 (So-called OWON 100MHz 1GS/s N-in-1 12-Bits Digital Oscilloscope/What is it?)

OWON releases the new model XDS series,and maybe many ppl are intersted in this model.I've got XDS3102AV (V means VGA for the external LCD Display)with several options,including The Touch Panel LCD/WiFi AP and STN/Digital Multimeter(DMM)/13200mA Battery/25MHz Dual Channels Arbitrary/Function Generator (Now also equipped with both I2C/SPI/RS232 decoding and CAN decoding)from OWON CHINA directly as the sample. I compared 3 equipments' RIGOL MSO/DS1000Z series,Siglent SDS1000X series,and this OWON XDS3000 series,there are diffrent features each other,how to do sampling to the memory,and how to do refresh the display's memory.I'd like to introduce the identified features,but I think,this XDS3102AV has VGA port,and if you desire,you can put the lithium battery into it,tell the truth it is only oscilloscope w/battery model which has the some extent good refresh rate(max declared as 75000wfm/s) at this price range.Now I am satisfied with the performance.You can measure the refersh rate,if you set up the rear panel's CH2 as the trigger out,even though you purchase 2CH 25MHz Arbitrary/Function Generator option.OWON declares that the maximum display refresh rate is 75000wfm/s.

PC-Based Software works with Win7/Win8/Win10 32bit/64bit all.

OWON XDS3000A App(Android)

Amazon Fire OS is also available,but it's your responsibity to exploit.(2017/01/19 updated)

(WiFi option)

There are 2ways,LAN AP and LAN STA.About LAN STA,it uses your wireless router,and establish the connection to the oscilloscope.Encryption is okay with WPA.Another method is LAN AP,the osc itself can be WiFi access point.You are not necessarily setting up the encrypted AP,I think.With LAN AP,you can easily use the application software of the android tablet.The refresh rate of the application itself rather faster than PC software,though,the rate is not like osc,the actual rate is 10wfm/s.But it is almost same as USB-Based Oscilloscope PICO 3000series.Getting massive sampling,and avoiding aliasing at most case,and getting compromised refresh rate.In some case,you don't need Touch Panel Option,becasue you can control XDS by this android tablet's touch panel function,for instance can be enlarged the view of the waveform.(remote control is limited,but usuful)Tablet's application itself works with more than the version 4.0.

(Arb/Signal Generator Option)The signal's purity is no problem.Even though the functions are limited,considering the price,it is so nice.Outputting ferequency is well calibrated,only 2Hz difference at 10MHz and the frequency stability is also no problem.(Now phase shift function has been added!!)

XDS3102AV has the VGA port(V means VGA).You can see the waveform same way as the LCD display of the osc.And even if you use VGA,no influence to the display refresh rate of the osc.

Above showing 25MHz Dual Channels Arbitrary/Function Generator's signals (CH1 100kHz Sine Wave/CH2 100kHz Sine Wave,can be set up phase difference,whatever you want,this case as 180 degree,it means,you can also set the in-phase and quadrature signals for RF PSN source for the software defined radio)

Talking about the refresh rate,this XDS3102AV is amazing,OWON declares the maximum refresh rate as 75000wfm/s.Actually I didn't get such a refresh rate as same situation as RIGOL and Siglent can't get the declared refresh rate,but still very good,for example,when measuring 100MHz sinewave -10dBm with 50ohm feed through terminator,the refresh rate is around 45000wfm/s.(XDS3102AV setting/Acquisition:Sample/Memory depth 1000pts)At this memory depth,the refresh rate is faster than RIGOL MSO/DS1000Z series.The actual max refresh rate which I identified is around 78000wfm/s at the time base 50ns/div(draw type dots),when measuring 1-100MHz sweep signals.

OWON's LAN set-up is different from others,and you can't establish the connection by DHCP like RIGOL and Siglent.How to is a bit complicated,so if you can't do it,I can suggest something.

You can maintain the set-up of the wired LAN(you have to save it),even if you use LAN AP.If you use the android tablet,you can do control XDS3120AV at the same time from the osc,it is so convenient.So you can do everything simultaneously,while viewing VGA display,doing the remote control from the android tablet,and if you can't do some setting from the tablet,you can do change the setting from osc.This kind of rule is applied to between OSC control and PC software's remote control.You can use both simultaneously too.

I can't do that with RIGOL equipments(sometimes very annoying), XDS3102AV definitely has the advantage.

Image Transfer: XDS3102AV has the capability to transfer the screen display image to PC as not only BMP file,but also as BIN file(through LAN or USB)

XY mode:XDS3102AV can also do XY mode,for instance we can measure the in-phase and quadrature signal.

Optional Battery 13200mA(3hour):I highly recommend,you purchase it.

Analogue 3dB bandwidth is a bit better than 100MHz

Measuring AM Modulation

Inner view

10MHz sinewave 400mVp-p(CH1 25MHz Arb/Function Generator)/XDS3102AV Setting :Acquisition Mode:Sample/Memory Depth 1000pts/Run Mode

10MHz sinewave 400mVp-p(CH1 25MHz Arb/Function Generator)/XDS3102AV Setting :Acquisition Mode:Sample/Memory Depth 1000pts/Single Trigger Mode

(21)Waveforms' recoding function is already equipped.Changeable to set the frame numbers 1-1000,and also can be managed the the interval 10ms to 10s.



Above view,it is the example to use the recoding function,storing to the internal memory.Also the waveforms can be stored externally to USB Flash Memory(UDisk),and at this setting,recorded as "wave_record0.bin".Further more,these waveforms(BIN.File) can be played by "AUTO PLAYER"!!You can indentify that waves play back at slower rate like 1/100 as compared to the original time sequence.I think,sometimes it is useful.


Fortunately XDS3012AV can use "Persist",even though we use the recording function.So we can get the useful info."Persist" can be set up on FFT mode too!!Sometimes very usuful,we can measure the bandwidth of BPF.

Pass/Fail:No Problem

Logic/Bus Trigger:We can use it free,it is default function,different from RIGOL.Owon uses "Decimal",when we set up the address trigger,so if you hope to set up the address as hexadecimal "0x6E",you have to put '110 'in.Plz use on-line converter.(Siglent and RIGOL use the hexadecimal to set up the address trigger)

AD converter is confirmed as HAD1520 (High Speed Multi-Mode 8/12-Bit 1000 MSPS A/D Converter)

FFT's refresh rate is faster than RIGOL MSO/DS1000Z series' one.You can measure BPF,if it is the relatively wide-band BPF.As I mentioned,the persist function is feasible even on FFT view!!

Function Generator Set-Up: 5-20MHz 400mVp-p/sweep time 10ms

Touch Panel LCD(Optional):This is the optional.You can extend the vertical resolution,and can be focus on the top of the waveform,when you hope to investigate the noise or ripple of the powwr supply for instance.

The sensitivity of Hardware Frequency Counter

The sensitivity is so incredible,around 4mVp-p.The accuracy is also nice,rather I have to emphasize it,the set-off is so nice as the counter which works with the internal clock oscillator.As you know,usually the digital oscilloscope's frequency counter accuracy is,yes acceptable,because it works with internal clock,but I always think that,even if it uses the internal clock,the programmers have to write the off-set values to the source code.Yes!! Owon did it!!  10.0000000000MHz(SSG) can be measured correctly at least up to 10.0000MHz.


Siglent SDG2122X /10MHz External Reference(GPS Z3805A)

7.100000000MHz sinewave 4mVp-p(Hi-Z)/XDS3120AV average sampling

XDS3102AV has the software which can do compensation of the probes.

XDS3102AV doesn't have the buttun to set up "Reference",but you can exploit "WAVE Object&Show".You can find out it in SAVE function.Blue waveform is indicated as the reference wave below.

DMM(Digital Multi-Meter)(Optional) :It is ordinary 4000counts one,but usually 4000counts is enough.

NOW Decoding Options are available!!

(1)CAN decoding option

(2)I2C,SPI,RS232 decoding option

Can be decoded to Binary/Hex /Decimal/ASCII


I2C decode(address trigger as 0x6E****You have to set it as decimal 110 actually)

Event Table

Not only the address trigger,but also the data trigger has been confirmed working properly.

I2C decode(data trigger as 25H,00100101/LLHLLHLH)

CAN decode(Input Type CAN_H/Sample Point 50%/Common Baud 100000)(Condition Start)

Event Table


SPI decoding

sinx/x interpolation function is newly available!!(can be on/off).(from version

Alternate trigger mode is newly available!!

XDS3000 series only can do it,among the osc,the display refresh rate of which is more than 30000wfm/s.(RIGOL MSO/DS1000Z series and Siglent SDS1000X series can't do it,on the other hand,RIGOL DS1102E and Siglent SDS1102CML can do it)

100MHz sinewave (Anritsu SSG )/25MHz sinewave (Arb/Functional Generator of XDS3102AV)

"ALT" means Alternate Trigger Mode.

(37)XDS3000 series can be chageable the measurement unit from 'V(volt)' to 'A(Ampere)'.

Below is the example,measuring the consuming current of SDR Transceiver SDR-1000,by the current probe.


VGA-HDMI Interface

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