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Red Pitaya HAMLAB(+) 

2017-05-18 21:47:11 | HAMLAB(RedPitaya)

Red Pitaya HAMLAB(+)

PowerSDR HAMlab Edition(max 384kHz sampling rate)


RedPitaya HAMLAB SDR Transceiver 7MHz demo



Using PowerSDR directly  as the measurement equipment "Spectrascope".

10.000000000MHz Sinewave -30dBm


Oscilloscope and Signal Generator

IN1(OSC with 50ohm feed through terminater):CH1 10MHz Sinewave

OUT1(SigGen):10MHz Sinewace 200mVp-p/50ohm load(it means 400mVp-p/open)


Spectrum Analyzer


Logic Amalyzer:pro mode

I2C decoding


The design has been altered from the first pre-order promotion.SDR is changed to MIC(LAN type 8Pins)/KEY/Phones like below.


Red Pitaya Hamlab has just been announced at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2016 expo. It is a dual-receiver dual-transmitter DDC/DUC HF/6m 10W SDR transceiver with extended measurement capabilities, based on the popular Red Pitaya development board.

The RF is converted to the digital domain with a LTC2145-14 125Msps 14-bit ADC (comparable to what an Icom IC-7300 uses, for example), so performance should be pretty good. Receiver coverage is 0-60MHz and +15dB preamp and -6/12/18dB attenuators are available for different levels of frontend gain settings.

The transmitter has currently 10W and is optimised for the 160m-6m bands. A higher power amplifier (100W, for example) can be integrated without much effort and the configuration makes it pretty easy to add external filters for the 472kHz or 137kHz bands.

The connection with the computer is realised via Ethernet. It is also possible to use an external physical controller with knobs, but the computer is still required for display, processing and advanced control.

The transceiver is compatible with various SDR software packages out there, such as PowerSDR, HDSDR, Gqrx, GNU Radio, GNU Radio Companion and Pothos. Even there are two transmitters available, we can assume only one can be used at one time with the output power amplifier.

But Red Pitaya Hamlab is much more than just a good SDR transceiver. It is also a dual-channel 50MHz oscilloscope, a dual-channel 62MHz bandwidth spectrum analyzer with 80dB dynamic range and an 8-channel logic analyzer. It can also be easily turned into an LCR meter, a Network Vector Analyzer and even more. All this is possible thanks to the Red Pitaya board and makes this a very useful equipment in any shack.



SDR specifications

Please find more info on the following link: http://wiki.redpitaya.com/index.php?title=HAMLAB

Receiver Architecture: direct sampling

Wideband Freq. Coverage: 0-60 MHz

RX Channels: 2

TX Channels: 2

Transmit Freq. Coverage: 80-10m amateur bands

Output power: 10W nominal

Preamplifiers/Attenuators: not available at the moment. Possibility of purchasing them later (are in development and will be available soon at an affordable price)

Required power supply: 12V/20A; not included in the price

Data transfer: Gigabit Ethernet, WIFI

Compatible with Power SDR, HDSPR, Gqrx, GNU Radio, GNU Radio Companion and Pothos

Oscilloscope specifications:

Input channels: 2

Bandwith: 50 MHz

Sampling rate: 125 Msps

Input range: +- 20V

Resolution: 14 bit

Imput impedance: 1MΩ/10pF

Oscilloscope probes: included

Works with Linux, Windows and MAC

Spectrum Analyzer Specifications:

Input channels: 2

Bandwith: 62 MHz

Dynamic range: 80dBm

Input noise level:<-119dBm/Hz

Works with Linux, Windows and MAC

Logic Analyzer Specifications:

Input channels: 8

Protocol decoders: SPI, UART, I2C

Sample rate: 125Msps

Logic levels: 2.5V/3.3V/5V

Probes: included


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