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Sczling in Biology (1) J H Brown & G B West

2017-04-05 23:27:20 | 日記
Scaling relationships have been a persistent theme in biology at least since the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Galieo.
Because sacling relationships are among the most general empirical patterns in biology, they have stimulated reseach to develop mechanisitic hypotheses and mathematical models.
While there have been many excellent empirical ans theoretical investgations, there has been little attempt to synthesize theis diverse but interrelated area in biology.

In an effort to fill this void, Scaling in Biology, the first general traetment of scaling in biology in over 15 years, covers a broad spectrum of the most relevant topics in a series of cahters written by eperts in the field.
Some of those discussed in clude allometry and fractal, branching of vascular systems of mammals and plants, biomechanical and life history of plants, invertebrates and vertebrates,and species-area patterns of biological diversity.
Many more examples are included within this text to complete the broader picture.

Scaling in Biolofy conveys the diversity, promoise, and excitement of current reseach in this area, in a format accessible to a wide audience of not only apecialists in the various sub-disciplines, but also students and anyone with a serious interest in biology.

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