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How to Recover Deleted Pictures from SD Card

2013-10-07 16:17:09 | 日記



Pictures and photos are often taken by people with a digital camera, a smart cell phone or a computer. People often store them in a SD card or a memory card.


But if the SD card id formatted or becomes corrupted, you may face the pictures loss situation.

How to recover deleted pictures?

How to recover photos from SD card?

Deleted Pictures Recovery will be helpful on recovering deleted pictures.

Deleted Pictures Recovery is professional on how to restore deleted pictures. You can get to know from its name simply. Certainly Deleted Pictures Recovery can also do other recovery free.

Such as photos recovery, data recovery, file recovery, SD card recovery, memory card recovery and many others.

Deleted Pictures Recovery can also retrieve files which are different file formats. Deleted Pictures Recovery can nearly support all file formats and can undelete them all together once. This feature saves a lot of time for you.

Deleted Pictures Recovery is compatible with all Windows Operating System.

Deleted Pictures Recovery supports many digital devices including camera, memory card, computer, PC, laptop, desktop, smart cell phone etc.


So don’t worry about how to recover deleted pictures from SD card.

The steps to do deleted Pictures Recovery free:

Download and install Deleted Pictures Recovery.

Run it and click Start Scan and choose which pictures and photos you want to restore.

Click Recover.

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