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Looking for your star…。

2016-10-11 14:53:58 | Weblog
So it you have passed is already so much month gone.
I am sending the usual day-to-day being chased to the usual day-to-day.
I got used considerably to your not life.
You do not have longer here but lonely.
But you in the picture is smiling gently.
Feelings about not be exhaustive narrative with the words you have is welled up.
Your life takes over me.
Please with confidence whether because I will continue to be firmly alive now.
You were really good in the mother.
It is reborn if you want to send a life again as your child.
I think sincerely so.
I was looking for your star to look up at the night sky.
I think you me watching over surely?
I will continue to live to cherish the life that I got from you.
I also go to there someday.
Please, I would like to talk a lot at that time.
Thank you very much until now.
Than the son of your all alone.

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