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Rarejob free trial lesson1

2017-08-13 | English

Hello ( so sleepy, but maybe better to write down about yesterday's trial lesson before forgetting the detail)


I had a free trial lesson given by "Rarejob" which is one of the most famous corporations for online English lesson.

It was my first time to speak English by skype as a lesson and I thought it was like a free conversation for fun

But...soon after it started, I found it a serious lesson because my tutor asked me several questions to check my speaking level like a TOEFL!!

I did not remember how many questions I answered to her within 10 minutes

She told me my English level was level 8. 

Surprisingly, during answering her questions, she kept writing my wrong expressions in skype and sent them to me later on.


After the test, she told me to open the website she sent me through skype.

Then, I learned one useful Engligh phrase written in the texts on the website


Overall, the onlie English lesson was so impressive and useful way to improve my speaking. 

It's because I can choose the lesson time and a teacher

Also, even in smartphone, I can take a lesson by just downloading skype so it's really convenient


My plan is like after trying several trials provided by different corporations, then I would be able to select one to apply



Have a good night

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