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Bakudan hamburger (爆弾ハンバーグ)

2017-08-13 | foods



Somtimes it's difficult to write down a name of Japanese restaurant...

If I translate it to English, it's gonna be a bit strange one.

Today's restaurant is the typical case.

I went to have a lunch in "Bakudan hamburger" which means bombs hamburger steak


After moving to north kanto area, I often see this signboard when I drive out of my town.

I did not know anything about this restaurant and even did not check "Tabelog" which I usually check before going to unfamiliar place.

But in that time, Iba-dad was so hungry and could not have time to consider where to go so we just run into this restaurant

Anyway, it was exciting to see if the foods were good.


My son orderd this kids' meal.


I and Iba-dad ordered this hamburger steak written as the most popular menu in this restaurant on the menu

The waiting staff brought this plate and cut the hamburger steak into 2 pieces in front of us.

The scents and the sounds of the steak burning on the heated iron plate was making us even more hungry... 


And it tasted so nice!!!

We would definately revisit this place sometime soon




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