Facebook Lite is the social network application

Facebook Lite is the social network application



Facebook Lite-The world's biggest social networking site

2017-01-04 13:57:25 | 日記

Facebook Lite-The world's biggest social networking site has launched a slimmed-down version for people with slow or poor internet connections.
In August 2009, Facebook announced the rollout of a "lite" version of the site, optimized for users on slower or intermittent Internet connections. Facebook Lite offered fewer services, excluded most third-party applications and required less bandwidth. A beta version of the slimmed-down interface was released first to invited testers before a broader rollout across users in the United States, Canada, and India.It was announced on April 20, 2010, that support for the "lite" service had ended and that users would be redirected back to the normal, full content, Facebook website. The service was operational for only eight months.
In June 2015, this feature was reintroduced as an app with a total size of less than 1MB, primarily focusing markets where internet access is slow or limited .More app : Download Play Store

Facebook has said the Lite site will be faster and simpler because it offers fewer services than the main site.
Initially it is meant to support users in developing countries and where bandwidth constraints make the current version too slow to use.
At the moment it is only available in India and the US.
The company said around 70% of its more than 250 million users were from outside America. Countries in Southeast Asia and Europe are seeing a massive increase in growth where fast internet connections are more common.
News that Facebook was testing the Lite site was first leaked in Augustv
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