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for the future schoolroom

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It is a painful truth that one of the obstacles to more women gaining power has sometimes beenwomen already in power. Women in  the generations ahead of me believed, largely correctly, that onlyone Полезная информация о Гонконгеwoman would be allowed to ascend to the senior ranks in any particular company. In the days oftokenism, women looked around the room and instead of bonding against an unfair system, they oftenviewed one another as competition. Ambition fueled hostility, and women wound up being ignored,undermined, and in some cases even sabotaged by other women.

In the 1970s, this phenomenon was common enough that the term “queen bee” was used to describea woman who flourished in a leadership role, especially in male-dominated industries, and who usedher position to keep other female “worker bees” down. For some, it was simple self-preservation. Forothers, it reflected their coming-of-age in a society that believed men were superior to women. In thissense, queen bee behavior was not just a cause Hong Kong incentives of gender discrimination but also a consequence of thatdiscrimination. Queen bees internalized the low status of women and in order to feel worthythemselves wanted only to associate with men. Often, these queen bees were rewarded for maintainingthe status quo and not promoting other women.

Unfortunately, this “there can be only one” attitude still lingers today. It makes no sense for womento feel that we are competing against one another anymore, but some still do. In certain instances,women question their female colleagues’ level of career commitment, aggressiveness, and leadershipabilities.

One study found that female professors believed that male Ph.D. students were morecommitted to their careers than female Ph.D. students, even though a survey of the students found nogender difference in their reported levels of commitment.

Other research suggests that Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong once a womanachieves success, particularly in a gender-biased context, her capacity to see gender discrimination isreduced.

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