for the future schoolroom

for the future schoolroom

sunken ships broken up or raised

2017-07-06 11:03:22 | 日記

 Even in hands as unskilled as Tyrion’s, the blade felt alive. “I have never felt better balance.”  “It is meant for my son.”  No need to ask which son. Tyrion placed Jaime’s sword back on the table beside Joffrey’s, wondering if Robb Stark would let his brother live long enough to wield it. Our father must surely think so, else why have this blade forged?  “You have done good work, Master Mott,” Lord Tywin told the armorer. “My steward will see to your payment moving truck rental.

And remember, rubies for the scabbards.”  “I shall, my lord. You are most generous.” The man folded the swords up in the oilcloth, tucked the bundle under one arm, and went to his knee. “It is an honor to serve the King’s Hand. I shall deliver the swords the day before the wedding.”  “See that you do.”  When the guards had seen the armorer out, Tyrion clambered up onto a chair. “So... a sword for Joff, a sword for Jaime, and not even a dagger for the dwarf. is that the way of it, Father?”  “The steel was sufficient for two blades, not three. If you have need of a dagger, take one from the armory. Robert left a hundred when he died. Gerion gave him a gilded dagger with an ivory grip and a sapphire pommel for a wedding gift, and half the envoys who came to court tried to curry favor by presenting His Grace with jewel-encrusted knives and silver inlay swords.”

  Tyrion smiled. “They’d have pleased him more if they’d presented him with their daughters.”  “No doubt. The only blade he ever used was the hunting knife he had from Jon Arryn, when he was a boy.” Lord Tywin waved a hand, dismissing King Robert and all his knives. “What did you find at the riverfront?”  “Mud,” said Tyrion, “and a few dead things no one’s bothered to bury. Before we can open the port again, the Blackwater’s going to have to be dredged, the . Three-quarters of the quays need repair, and some may have to be torn down and rebuilt . The entire fish market is gone, and both the River Gate and the King’s Gate are splintered from the battering Stannis gave them and should be replaced. I shudder to think of the cost.” If you do shit gold, Father, find a privy and get busy, he wanted to say, but he knew better.  “You will find whatever gold is required.”  “Will I? Where? The treasury is empty, I’ve told you that. We’re not done paying the alchemists for all that wildfire, or the smiths for my chain, and Cersei’s pledged the crown to pay half the costs of Joffs wedding - seventy-seven bloody courses, a thousand guests, a pie full of doves, singers, jugglers...”  “Extravagance has its uses. We must demonstrate the power and wealth of Casterly Rock for all the realm to see.”  “Then perhaps Casterly Rock should pay.”  “Why? I have seen Littlefinger’s accounts. Crown incomes are ten times higher than they were under Aerys.”  “As are the crown’s expenses. Robert was as generous with his coin as he was with his cock. Littlefinger borrowed heavily. From you, amongst others SmarTone.

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