Business donates prom dresses to students in need

2017-07-06 16:40:18 | 日記

Prom season is over, but what is there to do with all those beautiful dresses? A business in Cumberland County is giving back and you can, too.

Satin after sequin, Miranda Viehman has more prom dresses than anyone needs at her Hello Gorgeous consignment shop in Camp Hill.

“I want to say like 60 to 70 dresses this spring for consignment,” she said.

That includes dresses that didn’t sell and others that could have. But it made Viehman think back to her prom.

“We spent the whole day getting our nails done, our hair.”

That was just last year at Cumberland Valley High School.

“I know that some of the kids that were in my grade didn’t have as much money as some of the other people, so they couldn’t afford the prom dresses,” Viehman said.

That’s what got a cop inside the shop. Silver Spring police Officer Wes Schmidt hauled more than 40 dresses and a dozen shoes to Viehman’s alma mater.

“Cumberland Valley has a program called Angel’s Closet that consists of giving kids clothing who need clothing, coats, shoes, socks, shirts,” Schmidt said.

Now, they also have dresses for homecoming or prom, which some girls might have skipped.

“You hear about these things when you talk to someone 20 years after they graduate from high school; there’s that homecoming, sports game, whatever it is, that moment,” Cumberland Valley High School Assistant Principal David Gilbert said. “And giving kids a chance to participate in that is just so important.”

“It just gives those girls the opportunity to feel the same way as I felt when I went to prom,” Viehman said.
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