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C7020-230テストに無事合格したかったら、TestpassportのIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230問題集を使用ほうがいいと思います。お客様の貴重な時間やお金を節約するのためにデザインされます。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230試験資料は研究分野の偉い専門家によって書かれて、真実試験の問題にとても似ています。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230参考書は一年以内に無料でアップデート版を提供し、一回で合格することを保証いたします。
高品質や便利なIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230トレーニング資料によって、受験者は気楽に成功できます。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230受験対策は大量な時間を節約させ、効率的に試験に準備させることができます。

試験のタイトル:IBM Watson V3 Application Development

市場で一番最新のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230受験問題集を提供し、しかも依頼できる良い資源を得ることができることを保証いたします。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230受験資料は試験質問、勉強ガイド、練習試験とオンラインテスト道具などを含みます。
全面的で系統的なIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230試験知識を習うことができ、また、自分の特長を発揮できる仕事環境を探しやすいです。


Section 1 - Fundamentals of Cognitive Computing
Define the main characteristics of a cognitive system
Explain neural nets
Explain machine learning technologies (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning approaches)
Define a common set of use cases for cognitive systems
Define Precision, Recall, and Accuracy
Explain the importance of separating training, validation and test data
Measure accuracy of service
Define types of entities, relationships and co-references
Define Intents and Classes

Section 2 - Use cases of Cognitive Services
Select appropriate combination of cognitive technologies based on use-case and data format
Explain the uses of IBM Watson services available in the Application Starter Kits?
Describe the IBM Watson Conversation service
Explain use cases for integrating external systems such as Twitter, Weather API
Describe the IBM Watson Discovery service

Section 3 - Fundamentals of IBM Watson Developer Cloud
Distinguish cognitive services on IBM Watson Developer Cloud for which training is required or not
Provide examples of text classification using the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier
Explain the IBM Watson SDKs available as part of the services on the IBM Watson Developer Cloud
Explain the IBM Watson REST APIs available as part of the services on the IBM Watson Developer Cloud
Explain and configure the IBM Watson Natural Language Classificer service
Explain and configure the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service
Explain and execute the IBM Watson Personality Insight service
Explain how the BM Watson Tone Analyzer service works
Explain, setup, configure and query the IBM Watson Discovery service
Explain and configure the IBM Watson Conversation service

Section 4 - Developing Cognitive applications using IBM Watson Developer Cloud
Call an IBM Watson service to analyze content
Describe the tasks required to implement the IBM Watson Conversational Agent / Digital Bot
Manipulate service outputs for consumption by other services
Define common design patterns for composing multiple IBM Watson services together
Explain the process to provision and use an instance of an IBM Watson Bluemix service instance
Explain the advantages of using IBM Bluemix as the cloud platform for Cognitive application development and deployment

Section 5 - Administration & DevOps for applications using IBM Watson services
Describe the process of obtaining credentials for IBM Watson services
Examine error logs provided by services

弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230試験資料を使用すれば、試験をパスすることを希望したら、ある程度のテクニックといい理解能力が必要です。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230練習問題集は安全かつ効率的な取引体験をするだけでなく、より多くの知識を勉強することもできます。
弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230試験問題集は質が良くて値段が安いです。
受験者は弊社のIBM Certified Application Developer C7020-230参考書を使用すれば、本場の試験で実験を受けされて、合格率は97%以上です。

1.A system with a set of classifiers is trained to recognize eight different company logos from images. It is
78% accurate.
Without further information, which statement is true?
A. The system has 78% precision and recall.
B. The system has a precision of 78% and a recall of 22%.
C. The system is equally reliable for classifying any one of the eight logo types 78% of the time.
D. The accuracy of the system for any one class cannot be determined.
Answer: C

2.A cognitive FAQ widget on a company’s support portal allows users to ask questions related to the
company and its products.
Which two IBM Watson services will create this pattern? (Choose two.)
A. Tradeoff Analytics
B. Natural Language Understanding service Semantic Roles API
C. Conversation
D. Discovery
E. Personality Insights
Answer: B,C

3.Which statement best describes the unsupervised learning process when performing clustering on a
large data set?
A. The system understands the significance of the data points and a cognitive sub-process clusters the
data, removing the need for a human supervisor.
B. A neural network is deployed in unsupervised mode to determine to which cluster a data point belongs.
C. Examples of data points and their associated cluster are fed into the system allowing it to learn and
generalize for the rest of the data set.
D. Data points are compared at random and the differences between their features are used to determine
whether they belong in the same cluster or not.
Answer: D

4.Which two Natural Language Processing artifacts are part of the Watson Knowledge Studio? (Choose
A. mention detection
B. parsing rules
C. part-of-speech tagging
D. sentence tokenization
E. relation detection
Answer: D,E

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