Oracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400問題集は良い学習プラットフォームを提供することができます

2017-05-18 11:25:35 | Oracle
試験名称:Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials
関連資格: Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Certified Implementation Specialist
バージョン:Session Border Control
試験時間:120 minutes
出題数: 74
合格ライン:70% 合格ラインは変更されることがあります。
出題形式:Multiple Choice
試験料(税抜き): 26600 円
最も短い時間で自分のIT技能を増強したいけれど、質の良いOracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400学習教材がないので悩んでいますか。
TestpassportのOracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400問題集は良い学習プラットフォームを提供することができます。
Intro to Session Initiation Protocol
Intro to H.323
Intro to Session Border Controller
Initial Configuration
Provisioning Interfaces
Configuring for High Availability
SIP Configuration in a Peering Environment
SIP Configuration in an Access-backbone environment
Oracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400試験に合格するために、あなたがの多くを費やす必要が時間と関連するIT専門的な知識を習得することができます。そのような時には、時間がお金社会とても貴重です。唯一の完了までに20時間を必要として、Oracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400試験に参加するあなたの最初の時間のための良い準備を持つようにするIT関連専門的な知識を統合することができます。
Oracle Session Border Control 1Z0-400無料サンプルをご参照ください。

1.When the nat-traversal parameter is set to "always", the Session Border Controller compares
the__________ and the Layer-3 source address to determine whether the endpoint is behind a NAT
device and further compares the __________ to the Layer-3 source address to determine whether to add
the registration to its registration cache.
A. SIP Proxy IP address; SIP Registrar address
B. Sent-by of the bottom most via header; host address of the Contact URI
C. From address; host address of the Contact URI
D. Host address of the Contact URI; from address
E. Sent-by of the top most via header; host address of the Contact URI
Answer: B, D

2.Which statement about passwords on the Net-Net 4500 is FALSE?
A. The User and Superusermodes are password protected.
B. Passwords are stored in NVRAM.
C. You do not need User and Superuser mode passwords when accessing the ACLI using SSH.
D. Passwords cannot be seen in the output from the running configuration.
E. The default user mode password is "acme".
Answer: E
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E50366_01/doc/sbc_scx640_adminsecurity.pdf

3.By default, the Session Border Controller's FTP, ICMP, SNMP, and Telnet services cannot be accessed
via the media interfaces. In order to enable these services, the Session Border Controller includes four
fields that enable administrative traffic over the media interfaces. These four fields are collectively known
as the "HIP".
What does the acronym HIP stand for?
A. HostinPath
B. Host Internet Protocol
C. Host Interface Priority
D. Healthy Interface Port
E. Health Indicator Protocol
Answer: B
4.The ___________ field allows you to set the health score at which the standby peer in a high availability
(HA) scenario will switch over to the active state without waiting for any configured timers to expire.
A. Emergency-threshold
B. Health-threshold
C. Active-threshold
D. Switchover-threshold
E. Ha-threshold
Answer: C

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