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Oracle Application Development Frameworkの12cの実装スペシャリスト認定は、Oracleのアプリケーション開発フレームワーク(ADF)を使用してソリューションを実装する際の強力な基盤と専門知識を持っている個人のために設計されています。
試験名称:Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials
関連資格:Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Certified Implementation Specialist
バージョン:Application Development Framework
試験料(税抜き): 26600 円
試験時間:120 minutes
出題数: 87
出題形式:Multiple Choice

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1.Which three statements are true about using a dvt;map component on a page? (Choose three.)
A. You need to define a connection to a server that provides map images.
B. You can use an exact street address to show a point theme.
C. There is no way to display the distance between two points on a map.
D. You can modify the icon used to represent a point on a map.
Answer: A
2.Your organization has specified that menu components should be located on the left-hand side of a
page and that the main content should be displayed in the center. How do you ensure that developers
adhere to this standard? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Ask all developers to use the two-column quick start layout.
B. Create a page template that defines the specified layout and distribute it to developers
C. Create an ADF library that contains a collection of ADF Faces components that developers must use
D. Create a task flow template that defines the specified layout; this will enforce the correct layout on all
pages that are built from the template.
Answer: B
3.Which two occur when a bounded task flow is created as a region on a page? (Choose two.)
A. The transaction property of the task flow is set to "Use Existing Transaction if Possible."
B. Any views defined as pages on the bounded task flow are changed to page fragments.
C. An af:reqion tag is added to the page.
D. The refresh property of the task flow binding is set to ifNeeded.
E. a task flow binding is added to the page definition for the page.
Answer: C,E
4.Which three statements are true about declarative features of view objects? (Choose three.)
A. You can use view object bind variables to parameterize a view object where clause with values
supplied at run time.
B. By default, a view object instance retrieves all database rows into the view object cache.
C. To implement master-detail behavior between two view object instances, you define an association
between those instances.
D. a view accessor defines a validation expression that you apply to a view object attribute.
E. A view object can include attnbutes whose values are based on SQL expressions rather than mapping
directly to a database columr
F. A view object definition can include many view criteria but you can choose which view criteria to apply
for each view object instance.
Answer: A,C,E

Oracle Application Development Framework 1Z0-419認定試験に対する短期で有効な訓練を提供し、認定試験が生活の変化をもたらすテストです。
最高品質のOracle Application Development Framework 1Z0-419練習問題を提供し、試験に準備する時間が十分ではない受験生のために特別に開発されるものです。

Oracle Application Development Framework 1Z0-419出題内容:
Introduction to JDeveloper and ADF
Building a Data Model with ADF Business Components
Exposing Data to Clients
Creating Views with ADF Faces
Defining Task Flows and Adding Navigation
Declaratively Customizing Business Components
Validating User Input
Modifying Data Bindings between the UI and the Data Model
Adding Functionality to Pages
Adding Advanced Features to Task Flows and Page Navigation
Passing Values between UI Elements
Responding to Application Events
Building Reusability Into Pages
Programmatically Customizing the Data Model
Debugging and Deploying ADF Applications
Implementing Security in ADF Applications
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