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When Stress Strikes You

2016-12-20 12:29:46 | 日記

  Refuel tempted to skip meals and pull late nights when you feel the heat at your work? Both could lead to burnout. Get six to eight hours of sleep and go to bed at the same hours every night. Aovid big meals but high-cabon, low-fat snacks every few hours. Lay off the alcohol, which could disturb your sleep patterns .   Tackle your fears pressure doesn't paralyze you, fear does. Stress comes from the worrying rather than the work assignment and problem you are grappling with. Itemize every element of fears that have you scared. Maybe you are worrying about a presentation. You have never spoken in front of a group of people. You don't know what to wear and the slide projector isn't working correctly kangertech nebox. Write down your fears and methodically address each one.   Spend time with your friends during high pressure periods. Don't lock yourself in your room at your work. Socializing with your friends and colleagues and get together with people who make you laugh and change your perspective. You want a positive social support, so offer your friends progress reports and ask them for feedback, solucation and encouragement hong kong seo.

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