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2017-07-27 09:39:45 | Oracle
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Share some Engineered Systems 1Z0-338 exam questions and answers below.
Which is the best location to point your customer to, for finding the latest Exadata patches?
A.owner's guide
B.Patch database in MyOracle Support
C.MyOracle Support note 888828.1
D.MyOracle Support for database patches, ULN for OS patches, and Sun Support for Server and InfiniBand patches.
Answer: C

Consider the following software changes that are performed manually on a Linux server:
1. Changes for Linux kernel firewall configuration
2. Changes for custom performance monitoring tools
3. Changes for security scan tools
4. Changes for Linux system performance optimization
Which of the software changes listed are permitted on Exadata Storage Servers?
A.1, 2, 3, and 4
B.only 3
D.only 2
E.only 1 and 2
F.only 2 and 3
Answer: C

Which two statements are true about enabling write-back flash cache?
A.When enabling write-back flash cache in a non rolling manner, it is important to ensure that asmdeactivatonoutcome is set to YES and asmModestatus is set to ONLINE for all grid disks.
B.Before using write-back flash cache, you need to verify the minimum required versions.
C.Before write back-flash cache is enabled, you need to drop the Flash Cache first.
D.The setting flashCacheMode should be set to writeback by updating cellinit.ora and restarting cellsrv.
E.When enabling write-back flash cache in a rolling manner, dcli should be used to inactivate the grid disks on all cells first.
Answer: B, C

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