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Kevin Seraphin and Thaddeus of

2017-05-11 11:02:43 | buynba2k
Kevin Seraphin and Thaddeus "Free At Last" Young. Thad's teams have gone 67-179 over the past three years. And he MISSED the worst two teams of the Hinkie era!So, uh ... what the hell is NBA Live Coins happening here, Larry Bird? Or, in Larry Bird's absence, Paul Flannery? Is it possible to think they'll be better and still worse?The Pacers never should have lost Solomon Hill for nothing.

That was a major miscalculation by Bird to not pick up the fourth year of his rookie deal. George Hill is a good player and he will be missed, especially on the defensive end. Frank Vogel was, and is, an excellent coach who got as much out of that roster last season as anyone should have reasonably expected.But I dunno, I kind of like what they're doing.Bird wanted an up-tempo, fast-paced team and the moves he made certainly point in that direction. Teague is a jet compared to

Hill. Thad Young is sleek and far more skilled than the other Hills. Mahinmi became a fine player, but Myles Turner has a chance to be special. I thought Vogel got a raw deal, but I'm happy Nate McMillan gets another shot.This is all about Paul George, though. Just a hunch, but I think he's ready to rise to that superstar elite range. As in, a no-doubt-about-it top-10 dude and maybe an MVP candidate. You with this?

Sure. I think there are no or few questions about Paul George's excellence. He was a legit MVP ballot candidate for the first half of last season. I think the question is whether he has enough help, and whether it's the right kind of help.I'm desperately worried about the Pacers' defense. Turner is promising, but we know it Buy NBA 2K18 MT takes young players a little while to find their way on that

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