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Plot 75 points aspirations to MMOgo

2017-05-05 11:16:00 | mmogo
Plot 75 points aspirations to champion, Liverpool eventually ranked 68 points ranked fourth. 1997/98 season, Wenger in his coaching Arsenal's first full season eventually led his unit to win the Premiership championship, won the process also In addition, the concern of the "red and blue war" staged in the Stamford Bridge passion, Shiktel for Liverpool to break the deadlock, Azal and Eto'o quickly make a comeback, the final Chelsea 2: 1 reversal of FIFA Coins Liverpool. Half of the

Premiership, the Blues has been in the backward situation under a full rush to 14 points, a veritable reversal of the king. Before the game, Liverpool is a soldier camp, Gerrard, Sturridge, Enrique and others have been hanging warfare, the Red Army will hope that almost all sustenance in the Suarez body. However, in the Christmas before the wild 10 ball Suarez, in the face of the Blues when the audience almost invisible, this way, the Red Army defeat is also reasonable.

After losing to Manchester City and Chelsea, Liverpool has fallen out of the league's top four, as if back to the liberation. The final whistle, Rogers face lonely, Mourinho is as always full of passion, Beijing time on December 28 evening 21:30, 2013-14 season England Premier League to continue the 19th round of competition, Arsenal guests to St. James Park stadium challenge Newcastle, after 45 minutes of competition, the two teams temporarily into a 0-0 level.

History of the two sides a total of 171 clash record, Arsenal 68 wins and 38 draws and 65 negative slightly prevail. After the last round of reversal of West Ham, the end of the four MU2 Online Zen unbeaten, Arsenal once again regain the top, but Newcastle recently in good condition, nearly 10 games only negative 1, including the face of Manchester United, Chelsea were victorious. The game, Ramsay, Vermaelen, Ozil are due to injury, For more news,please visit the website
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