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Reeboks best chance at MMOgo

2017-05-17 11:10:06 | mmogo
Reeboks best chance at challenging Nike, until fellow Hall of Fame inductee Allen Iverson brought a different edge to the brand. Hollywood didn’t just make capitalizing on his fame easier. Teaming up with Jerry West, Kobe Bryant and eventually Phil Jackson brought basketball glory as well. He won three titles with NFL 18 Coins the Lakers in the 2000s, and another with the Miami Heat as his pop culture star faded.Since retiring

Shaq has reinvented himself to stay in the public realm. Instead of hawking shoes, rap albums and glass-shattering dunks, he’s become a wealthy investor. This side of his persona actually started during his NBA prime, when he became an early investor in Google. It’s funny that Shaq’s co-star and rival Kobe has made a big deal about getting into venture capital in retirement, because Shaq was a venture capitalist while winning MVPs.

Shaq’s also invested in VitaminWater, 24-Hour Fitness and the Sacramento Kings. In terms of business successes away from basketball, basketball shoes and basketball endorsements, Shaq is right up there with Magic Johnson. Shaq in fact turned down an opportunity from Magic to invest in Starbucks franchises many years ago because Shaq didn’t personally drink coffee. You can’t always be right.Shaq has found his lane on TNT’s Inside the NBA, going full slapstick to great effect.

When DeAndre Ayton sat down to announce his college choice live on SportsCenter Tuesday evening, no one expected him to pull out an Arizona hat. Kansas was the overwhelming favorite to land the No. 1 basketball recruit in Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins the country and Kentucky was the program with late buzz. Arizona, for its part, had exactly zero predictions logged for Ayton on 247 Sports, You can visit to our website

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