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The show took place of MMOgo

2017-04-25 11:44:33 | mmogo
The show took place from November 26-29, including two weekdays that were somewhat more business oriented, and a weekend for consumers to gawk at the latest goods. Gamasutra was on hand to FUT Coins get some sound bytes from notable developers, as well as a general lay of the land, and where the Korean and Western markets meet. BackgroundI’ve been studying the Korean game market for some 10 years now, and the industry there has gone through no small set of changes.

The native game industry in Korea was initially arcade-dominated, eventually moving to PC packaged games and the odd console title. Now, everyone is finally discovering the Korean industry as a microtransaction-based online game powerhouse -– and it’s this business that G*, put on by Korean business promotion agency KOCCA, celebrates.This is my third G*, but the first ever in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city after

Seoul, where the show usually takes place. Being in a new city for the first time, the city of Busan is much more inclined to embrace the show, with banners all around the convention area and beyond, and related partnerships, including the city’s own ICON game conference (which, in full disclosure, I did not attend).The New Show

The show this year is smaller than previous years, but doesn’t actually feel MUL Zen
that way, by virtue of taking place in a venue more appropriate for its size. Busan’s BEXCO is smaller than Seoul’s KINTEX, allowing the conference to comfortably fill the space without feeling buffered out, as last year’s show did. Most of the big players were here in some form -- with smaller booths perhaps, but some of the booths in previous years were unnecessarily large, on the scale of. You can visit to our website

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