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Real Madrid his game of mmogo

2017-04-29 11:18:12 | mmogo
Real Madrid his game played 307 times into the 137 ball and completed 61 assists. The national team 32 war 20 ball efficiency can be described as efficient. If there is no accident, Higuain will later become a member of Arsenal, and Arsenal defense teenager Gibbs said recently that he is very optimistic about the team to win at Fut 18 Coins least one championship next season. "

The last round of last season so that we have realized that we become more powerful, and we are also very clear that next season we need to gain, so we have to come up with expectations of self-confidence." And when he said: "In the past this season is my best performance since the debut of the year, I am sure in the future I can make more contributions to the team this summer I had chosen to England, but unsuccessful, now

I Very relaxed and convinced that they have been well prepared for the next season. "Arsenal want to win next season, like Qiao Lu such defense from time to time bombs must be cleaned," Sky Sports "the latest news is that last season was Jolou, who rents to Hannover 96, has returned to Arsenal this summer and will play with the team in the preseason, while Hannover 96 and

Hamburg are interested in buying it this summer. "We are Buy FIFA Coins in contact with Arsenal, and we think the negotiations are on track, and we are confident that we will be able to make a decision now," he said. "He needs to know where he wants to go," he said. , He knew Hannover 96 club, we have done the best, I hope this is enough to let him finally choose us. "Hamburg general manager,For more news,please visit the website

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