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2017-07-15 14:10:17 | mtnba2k
Someone points out to me - Ben Simmons amazing 43 points is actually less than what Pistol Pete AVERAGED at #LSU, with no 3-point line.— Jacques Doucet (@JacquesDoucet) December 3, 2015I felt like it deserved its own subhead.Kris Dunn uncorks a triple-doubleLost in the shear absurdity of that Ben Simmons stat line: hey, the only guy we ranked ahead of him in our preseason top 100 list played pretty well, too.Noted"Friends" superfan Kris Dunn dropped16 points, 14 assists, 10 rebounds and three steals in Providence's win NBA 2K18 MT over Hartford. And after finishing four straight games with four fouls, he only picked one on Wednesday.That's good news. because as talented as

Ben Bentil is (and he scored 21 against Hartford), Providence goes with Dunn this year.Roosevelt Jones gives Butler the win at the buzzerButler-Cincinnati is one of those games you watch in early December because you know one of these teams is going to be around late in March. The Bulldogs took this one thanks to the late game heroics of Roosevelt Jones, who has mastered the "old man game" at the tender age of 22. If only we could all be so lucky.Kobe Bryant is still a highlight machine -

As we've noted and celebrated, Kobe Bryant started out his final game in Philadelphia on a high note, hitting some early threes and drawing huge ovations from a crowd that hasn't always been in his corner. But "regression to the mean" is a nasty 12-letter word, and nothing gold can stay.So later on in Lakers-Sixers, once Kobe had cooled precipitously, this 12-second exercise in futility happened. Via @World_Wide_Wob.

KOBE BRYANT— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) December 2, 2015This is beautiful in every sense of the word. Kobe's footwork is still impeccable. His brain still clicks on every move and counter and pivot. It's a Buy NBA Live Coins textbook triple-threat breakdown ...... but he's too creaky to actually get past Hollis Thompson, he's too
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