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It's his destiny

2017-07-10 11:05:36 | mtnba2k
It's his destiny, really.Keep in mind, LeBron's spent his entire adult life surrounded by the people that spent the weekend wining and dining me. People who cater to NBA Live Mobile Coins his every need, hang on his every whim, and build lavish marketing campaigns around him whether he chokes against the Celtics or not."There's also this notion of the lion," said his shoe designer, Jason Petrie, in a presentation to the writers before our test began. "And LeBron is obviously associated with the lion. He's the beast, the King of the Jungle...

Something that's been an important part of his storytelling for a while."Imagine if you were surrounded by people that compared you to a lion with a straight face. "And we started looking at a lion and its prey," he continued. "How it feeds. So we really kind of honed in on this notion of stalk, attack, kill. These three different phases... How a lion is stalking on the edge of the Savannah, looking for something to eat, and he spots his prey, jets after it, and sinks his claws in. There's three distinct moments to that chase. Very similar to the chase for a championship.

"Exactly.Wait, what?[Clicks to next slide] "And you look here at a series of Lamborghini Gallardos..."...When I say I understand where LeBron's coming from, that's not to say where he's coming from makes any sense whatsoever. It's just, if you spent your entire adult life having people liken you to lions and Lamborghinis, you'd probably gravitate to a place like Miami, too. As for the Heat game, it wasn't quite as horrifying as you might think. Miami fans have been pretty easy targets for the rest of us, but up close, the

"FAN UP" experience is harder to ridicule. More than Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins anything, the whole spectacle's just bizarre, and befitting of the city itself.Nowhere else would a franchise think it would be cool or somehow intimidating to dress an entire stadium in white. Especially if that city's most famous export is cocaine. But the Miami fans are honestly oblivious to these ironies, the same way the franchise thought that Godforsaken championship celebration was a good idea last
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