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How to Remove Water Stains From Shoes

2016-12-07 13:14:57 | 日記

An important part of the wardrobe, shoes serve as both protection for our feet and make a fashion statement. But they also take a beating, exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Take care of your shoes so they will last for many years. Treat water stains on your shoes with one of these home remedies.

Dyed Shoes
Mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup bleach.

Wet a clean, white cloth with the bleach mixture.

Dab the water spot, and then wipe the wet cloth across the entire shoe.

Mix 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup water.

Wet a new clean white cloth with the vinegar mixture.

Wipe across the entire shoe to remove the bleach mixture.

Suede Shoes
Buff the water spots with an emery board or suede brush. Gently work on each spot until it is removed.

Dust off any residue.

Prevent future damage by spraying with a waterproofing product.

Leather Shoes
Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water.

Wet a clean cloth with the vinegar mixture.

Rub water stain.

Polish with a shoe polish matched to the shoe's leather, to restore shine.

Tips & Warnings

Test any treatment on an inconspicuous part of the shoe prior to applying treatment to the rest of the shoe.
Spray new leather shoes with a silicone designed to waterproof shoes. This will prevent water damage.
Take new shoes to a professional shoe repair service for an appropriate treatment for your climate. Use their services for severely damaged shoes, or for shoes you do not want to risk damaging any further than the water stains.

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