Microsoft Office for Mac gets 64-bit support for better performance

2017-08-10 18:42:42 | 日記

Microsoft announced in April it makes the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit for Office 2016 for Mac. Well, the next step is. The update has created about bat roosting in which are running Microsoft's productivity suite on OS X. Apple's desktop operating-system has become 64-bit long now, but Windows still allows users to to select from 32- and 64-bit versions. Using this latest update, Office 2016 for Mac is making the permanent plunge to 64-bit support which Microsoft says will boost performance and let thorough features.

This new update makes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Onenote 64-bit for any person running Retail, Office 365 Consumer, Office 365 Commercial, and Volume License installations from the software. Wonderful features, the August release (version 15.25) will arrive service or product other update for the apps. You'll receive a notification on your hard drive about the new edition site do for other releases. Understand what ensure that message, you download the 64-bit update manually coming from a source link below. As 9to5Mac notes, this new version is designed to Office Insider beta testers, however this is considered the newbie 64-bit software was for all users.

Microsoft does warn Office for Mac users that these alteration to 64-bit software make a difference third-party add-ins for those apps. Those companies have experienced three months or more to help make the necessary changes, on the other hand you trust those extras, you need to ensure before installing. When you've yet to help make the leap, Office 365 for Mac costs $70 each with the help of build a one-time acquisition of Office 2016 for Mac that's charging $150.

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