UWP OneDrive app available now for Xbox One

2017-03-15 15:17:13 | 日記

We love the Xbox On as it's more than solely a slidemovie video game console, but an entertainment hub in addition. In the event the console first came on the scene, it had several features that drew our attention, then one of these was the OneDrive app.

This kind of OneDrive app worked well, but it surely wasn't the same as the version on cheap access 2010. However, which has all changed now thanks to the Universal Windows Platform, typically referred to as UWP. Here's strangely, Microsoft has received the UWP type of the OneDrive app for the Xbox One, and from all of the reports, it truely does work great.

The new OneDrive app gives full use of every file in the cloud and also on your personal computer. However, be aware that PDF files are certainly not yet supported, so wanting to open them only will fail. We expect the technology giant to assist the format down the road, but we simply can't say when exactly.

What exactly is UWP?

Mentioned previously above, UWP is Universal cheap office 2016 Platform, and about letting developers to make an application once and run it across multiple Windows 10 devices. One example is, a developer could generate a UWP app for Windows 10, and with slight changes on the code, the exact same app will launch on Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens, and everything else Microsoft has planned money.

It is interesting, as well as the main reason the reason why apps in the cheap office 2013 Store will retain the Xbox One inch the longer term.

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